Cinthol Deo Stick Review -SWIRL

I ordered this randomly while ordering some stuff from a regular store and a cream deo sounded cool but ended liking it a lot.



It is so worth the price. It smells nice, absorbs quickly and does not stain my clothes. What more do we need from a deo.

Though I do feel now that a spray deodorant is easier to apply but I don’t mind the hassle as this is very long lasting on my skin. It comes in 3 different variants and I am planning to try the other two soon .Do let me know if you have tried them šŸ™‚

What it claims ?

Presenting Cinthol Deo Stick, a deodorant like you’ve never tried before. Made from cream formulation, not spray, it lasts 3 times longer than ordinary deos and is gentle on your skin too. Use it after shower to experience that awesome feeling all day long.

Key Features :

    • 3x Long Lasting Fragrance
    • Soft on Skin.


What I feel ?

I agree with both the claims and I do feel that you should give this a try!

Buy it here

Cost :Rs. 69/- for 40 g

One Comment Add yours

  1. yashaswi pathak says:

    Yes it is a really good buy. šŸ˜Š

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